Je dois tout dire dans une langue qui n'est pas celle de ma mère. C'est ça le voyage. - Dany Laferrière

Melissa, 26, born with a wandering heart under the sun of southern Finland. Welcome to discover Ireland with me! Too bad I have no idea what I'm doing or how to cope with all the overwhelming Irishness around. Having lived the last three years in French-speaking Canada and the UK you'd expect one to know how to do this whole migrant thing. Sadly that's not how this works.

Outside my position as a professional blooper and a committed antihero of wandering nomads, I'm a social science postgraduate in Trinity College Dublin researching population movement, conflicts and migration: I specialise in second-generation migrants and the issues coming with it, such as identity, sense of belonging and nomadism. I speak six languages, and wish to learn at least 6 more!

My little adventure diary right here aims to record the ups and downs of a migrant's everyday life with all its cultural clashes, misunderstandings and overall unpredictable outcome. At the same time I seek to offer my readers the possibility to explore the vastness and beauty of my new home country.

A strayling: someone who wanders, a drifter, the one who strays.

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