Hi lovelies! Today I come to you with some pretty big news: my blog's name has changed. The URL stays the same old so no need for panic - or frankly anything from your side of the deal. So why did I change it?

If you want to do a little exercise, you can type in "Terra Incognita blog" to Google Search and see if you find me. I bet you don't. That's because there are so many blogs or travel agencies around the world with that exact name that I drown in this mess called Terra Incognitas. The domain name isn't free in any form, the blogspot URL isn't free, there's at least 5 Terra Incognita Twitter accounts... you get the drift. It wasn't original enough and seriously affected my SEO.

So we here at ex-Terra Incognita are now called The Strayling. What's that? It's a real word, believe me or not, combining the verb 'stray' with the suffix '-ling'. A strayling is someone who wanders, a drifter, the one that strays.

I have aggressively changed my social media account names today. Make sure to follow me all around internet so you won't miss the rest of my adventures! 
(If you're already following me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest of Bloglovin', don't stress, you're still on board)

Twitter: @thestrayling
Facebook: @thestrayling
Pinterest: thestrayling
Bloglovin': The Strayling

But more importantly: I HAVE A NEW INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT! And I mean completely new. I wanted to separate my blog activities from my personal life, so go ahead and follow my new only blog-related Instagram account:

Instagram: the_strayling

I'm so excited. Are you? I hope you are! Tune in for new posts in the near future, including a fresh story in Melissa's Misadventures series - this time it's me causing public disturbance in a Hare Krishna mass....

Do you like the new name? How did you come up with your own blog name? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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