Day 4 and 5 included corny spa treatments for couples and northern light sighting on our street. Pretty exciting!

I made the decision not to continue the vlogs. It was a bit stupid of me to imagine it wouldn't take as much time as writing traditional blog posts - in addition to editing the footage, the filming in itself is super difficult! I struggled to find time and space to sit down and have a monologue with the camera because I was never alone - you can't even imagine the discussions had in the background of my clips if I hadn't muted the film... (My favourite: beautiful scene from a picturesque little street - Alex's voice in the background says "What makes you think you're a bitch?")

Another reason is the obvious unpopularity of the vlogs. I figured people might not have as much time to read blogs during Christmas time, but the stats for my last two posts have been a bit sad: compared to my normal 300-500 clicks per post, my latest one was viewed only 90 times, out of which a mere 30 people actually watched the video. It's simply not worth the time. I'll stick to normal blog posts and written rants in the future! Thanks for everyone who watched the vlogs, I actually had a lot of fun doing them.

Merry Christmas for all of my lovely readers!

Have you ever seen northern lights? Is the experience worth the hype? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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