Hiking adventures: Vallée du Bras du Nord

I could go on and on about my crush on the Canadian nature, but I better not - I'll let pictures speak for themselves instead. Last Thursday we decided to take advantage of Alex's day-off and head to Vallée du Bras du Nord, about 45 minutes' drive from Québec City. Our hiking trail was c.a. 12 kilometres, but instead of the promised "3 to 5 hours" duration our little odyssey was closer to 6 hours as we sloshed onwards on our muddy path, mostly uphill. Despite all the rain, little streams of landslides which were supposed to act as roads and mud all over my butt (my hike back from the mountain could be described more as a mudslide), the trip was purely awesome. Pictures ahead.

Our hiking trail for the most part

But the view on the top is definitely worth it!

Another viewpoint, opening to the other direction of the valley

A confusing tree

My shoes needed some washing afterwards

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