Hiking in Sentier des Caps

I've successfully settled in Québec. I've unsuccessfully tried to speak French. More of that later!

Yesterday I went hiking to Sentier des Caps with Jib. Pictures were taken.

The nature in Québec, or Canada in general, is quite similar to Finland's. The mountains of Québec are a thrill for a girl from the flatland of southern Finland, though. This thing here is not a lake, but a fleuve of Saint Lawrence - in other words, a huge river. Saint Lawrence flows from the Lake Ontario all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, and is apparently extremely difficult to navigate. While admiring this view, Jib told me that only Canadian sailors are allowed to navigate their way from the Atlantic to Lake Ontario. If international ships aim to travel Saint Lawrence, they have to pick up a Canadian sailor to do the job.

We also found a batcave.

And a huge tree with ass cancer. And probably some other problems too.

Sentier des Caps, apart from all of your mushiness, you were awesome.

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