A Story About Leaving

I was walking back home from the store today as I ran into someone I know. We exchanged news and chatted for a second, but on the moment of goodbye it was hard to find words. "The best of luck in life", would've been a bit corny for sure, but my "enjoy your summer" ended up sounding somewhat blunt. What do you say to a person you've vaguely known for several years, but might never see again?

There are exactly two weeks to my departure. It's not the first time I'm leaving Finland - actually it hasn't been even a year since I returned from my 8-month extravaganza in Europe, Canada and the United States - but it's certainly the most permanent so far. After spending a year in Canada I wish to pursue a Master's degree in the UK. In other words, my return to Finland is more or less unclear.

Cherry trees were blossoming a couple of weeks back in Helsinki

I've lived here for 24 years. My family is here, my friends are here, my university and my job and hobbies are here. Quite a sturdy castle I've built there. To be able to turn my back on all of that and take the leap has asked for sweat and tears - not to forget the kind of amount of paperwork that has made me doubt my decision more than once. Seriously, all those forms. Migration really isn't a child's play.

But I did it and it's official - I'm leaving. Since the day I got the Port of Entry Letter from the Citizenship and Immigration Office Canada I've tried to wrap things up in here in the form of packing, selling my property and having hasty coffee sessions with my friends - and they always end too soon, it's all a mess. To hell with all these goodbyes.

I'm leaving Helsinki on the 24th of June, and flying to Toronto with a layover in Frankfurt. After spending a couple of days in Toronto I'm carpooling to Montréal. How I will get from Montréal to Québec City is still a little bit of a mystery. All this is a big ugly mystery, but at least it will be an adventurous one.

Last summer in Montréal

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